The sheeps giant blancket!

Kallou, where are you? What are you doing?

” I’m sewing in my workshop!”

It’s very difficult to find motivation to blog this time … more than 10 days without a post, that’s never happened!!

Perhaps it’s because I just passed the milestone of 3 years of blogging, or maybe simply because I have lots of customer orders (and I can only thank you for making my life like a fairytale! :) )! All that to say despite the apparent calm, it’s crazy in the workshop!

For the moment the customer orders ave not arrived so I prefer to show them later to keep the surprise for their owners!

However, I can show you a blanket that I finished recently: a giant blanket which is 2×2 meters, second from the series (the first was here)! Here is the second version of this trip for the sheep : boat, submarine and balloon!

© Copyright 2010 – Kallou

The photos are not extraordinary, it’s pretty hard to photograph so big blancket!

It takes almost the same and and we do it again!

It tells again the same story, sheep that want to travel, exploration and adventure!

So many of history to tell about this great blancket!

Note that the first blancket, I thought I lost, finally back! So if you’re interested, you can find it in the shop here! I’m sure it could make the joy of another little princess (yes, because it’s not too colored boy, though! ^ ^).If you want to see the blancket on sale from every angle, you can find post I made on, there!

(There ‘s a little bug on the shop…the blancket is the second because if I put it in first place, we can not see the image … and I can not manage to remove the notification “1 meter x 1 meter. … strongly that the webmaster, go home!^^ )

See you soon! I’ll try to get back into the rhythm! Very quickly, an article on the hot topic of the moment: Halloweeeeeeeeen! :)

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  1. jana says:

    Très joli, comme toujours !

  2. tichat says:

    j’ai un besoin urgent de te contacter… je profite que l’homme soit avec moi pour l’étude de license et j’ai une question à te poser. Plus autre chose mais dissociée..
    Kallou : je suis dans le coin ;) tu peux m’envoyer un mail, je te répondrais rapidement ;)
    ou en tchat sur FB ;)

  3. 2 x 2 mètres de pur bonheur à regarder ! 2 x 2 m de pur bonheur pour s’emmitoufler !
    Bravo pour cette très belle création !!!

  4. Iféebôo says:

    On a bien envie de plonger sous la couette !!!
    signé : une maman qui fait pas beaucoup ses nuits pour cause de dents de requins qui poussent !!!

  5. Sophie L. says:

    MAAAAAAgnifique ! Comme toujours… Bravo, une bien belle création !

  6. Nanao says:

    Quelle belle couverture !! Ca fait vraiment envie !!!

  7. Laurence says:

    Wa-ouh !!! comme toujours ;-) )

  8. manou says:

    Superbe couverture comme toujours, je suis sûre que celle qui t’est revenue et que tu vends dans la boutique ne va pas rester longtemps…….Mais Aline a-t-elle une aussi jolie couverture pour l’hiver !!!!!!!Bisous

  9. celine says:

    super génial idéal pour moi la grande frileuse super jolie

  10. nanou says:

    comme d’habitude, un seul mot splendide, tous mes compliments, c’est très jolie,

  11. bibiedel says:

    tu as vraiment des doigts de fée