Small multicolored balls, nothing better to warm winter!!

For those that ask me to make some again (must be said that the shelves began to be horribly empty), I sew some taggie balls again!

I admit that some of them are already gone to other lands, so many apologies if you had look for one particular in my photo montages and have already gone from the store!!

© Copyright 2010 – Kallou

Vivid colors to stimulate our babies, with little tags of different materials that exceed what happiness! And then, when they are older, they makes them fly in the air with lot of laugh (you feel that I experience, isnt it!)!

I remember for the sewers that the little taggie ball tutorial is available here! A nice and smart small gift for Christmas or a birth!

(I tell you again that for my part, the delivery time for Christmas are not guaranteed)

And if you did not already play to win a “Ratafia’s Santa Claus”, you can always come and play here !! :)

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  1. celine says:

    toujours aussi mignonne !!!

  2. odaline says:

    joli stock plein de couleurs!

  3. rockandrol says:

    Valeur sûre, un classique même, qui éveille bien la curiosité des petits. ;-)

  4. nanou60149 says:

    Super cest balles multicouleurs!!!!! elles ont un succès fou moi j’adore!!!!!!!!!!!!