What is this circus? [solidar art]

A small thing to participate to a solidar’ sale and put some stars in the kids eyes  by allowing this circus to relive!

All information is given on the blog of this association , held by a friend. The idea is to raise funds through a sale in order to restore the the circus tent.

And me, the circus, I’ve always loved it! So I liked the idea and I managed to fit in my schedule, a little slot to make a cushion cover.

© Copyright 2011 – Kallou

The cushion cover is done in mustard cotton, it is about 35×35 cm and closes with 3 resin snap on the back. The embroidery comes from Urbanthread. The cover (and not the cushion, you will find at Ike * for 1 € coin ;) ) will be on sale next March 12 from 9am (on a first come, wins).

So now, if you can do a lot with your 10 fingers, too, you can come join the participants on creating on circus theme!

And for others, I count on you to be present on March 12 and to honor this little solidarity sale! :)

(I just remind you before, of course)

I hope you will be a lot to join us! A bit of magic circus never hurt anyone!

PS : and don’t forget  the great challenge of the Kallounette for February 12! You can already send your pictures in the gallery here!!!

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  1. ANNIE says:

    Très très mignonne cette broderie ! ! ! !
    Bon week-end.

  2. celine says:

    très jolie broderie

  3. bibiedel says:

    superbes broderies