Penny’s jacket …

Who’s Penny? It’s Aline’s little friend who had a biiig pink jacket!

My daughter has fallen madly jealous of her jacket and I had the right to hear a tearful lamentations from my kid: “I don’t have a big pink jacket, I am the unhappiest girl in the world, Penny is too lucky, my old jacket is so bad “… Limit had a tear in my eyes to such blatant injustice! ;)

So I promised to my Cosette to make her one too: a big pink jacket with pockets, as Penny!

Although evil has taken me to make such a promise, Cosette so happy has spoken to everyone in his day care and has speak about this again and angain a whole week!I heard the “whew” relief of the entire staff of the day care, when finally, Cosette came happily to the day care in his pink jacket, even prettier than Penny! (I haven’t had the right to a “you’re stronger than Batman, Mom,” but his smile spoke by himself!)

Be aware though that my daughter has mastered the “manipulation Mom” remarkably well, from a  3 ½ years old girl …. it promises for the future, isn’t it!

© Copyright 2011 – Kallou

Well, pictures are not nice nice, I had a hard time taking this fushia corduroy fabric in picture , I don’t know how I did last time to take nice picture!

This is indeed the same corduroy fabric than the Venezia! It left me just enough to make this big jacket (and to meet my challenge “freedom for the fabrics drawers” I try to take at this time)! The satin lining had been waiting for about 2 years in my drawer that I finally sew my skirt I planned to make … skirt still waiting and I was forced to cede his coat lining to this jacket (I’m showing a great spirit of sacrifice, I know, I know lol)!

I replaced the buttonholes by large snaps hidden under the covered buttons : Aline can’t put/remove the buttons, it’s annoying her,  she takes on the jacket with all his strength … and I turned pale! I had experience with the Venezia jacket, so snaps for this time! (although at the end, this is the buttonhole that havewon and not Aline lol!)

I added pockets to the original model, to be sure that Cosette agreed to put his jacket (demanding my Cosette!) And I did well! She even found that the pockets were a bit small … “What did you intend therefore to put in, my daughter? The complete collection of your small cars? The Complete Stories of ” Belles Histoires”? Huuummm??”

Jacket pattern : Roma en 110cm from the  Ottobre 6/2007 issue. Fushia Corduroy and camel lining from Joann’s, Ta Dots fabric by Michael Miller, covered buttons, snaps.

For the pictures, I would be able to find 3 pictures where Cosette was almost “normal” …

… because otherwise it was a pretty Zebulon I have in front of me, even three days after giving the jacket!

You are reassured: you can even make silly things in a big girl jacket!

And Cosette was smiling again!

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  1. CelineL says:

    trop beau, elle a de la chance cette crevette!

  2. manou says:

    Je pense qu’elle va se porter ce joli manteau pendant plusieurs années!!!!!!!!!!!sauf si elle se lasse mais pour le moment, vu les photos c’est la joie :-)

  3. Domitille says:

    J’ai bien rigolé devant les 3 dernières photos et quand tu dis que tu blêmis quand elle tire sur les boutons (je vis exactement la même chose avec ma fille…). Alors très bonne idée les pressions, au moins t’es tranquille !
    En tout cas ce manteau est superbe et tu as encore une fois assuré, super-maman !

  4. mamanouck says:

    “Cosette” (lol!) est magnifique!!! effectivement du haut de ses 3 ans…ça promet pour la suite ;)
    sublime manteau, BRAVO!!! un peu de peps dans l’hiver :)
    sa coupe lui va très bien, petit brushing en plus…loin du babychou que l’on a connu…ah lala…que le temps file!
    plein de bisous

  5. Maud says:

    Et c’est d’où qu’on trouve le patron + tuto pour ce maGnifique-manteau-de-Cosette-qu’il-est-plus-joli-que-çui-de-Penny ?? ^^

  6. ANNIE says:

    Qu’une telle joie est un plaisir à voir!
    Bravo Super-Maman! Ce manteau est de toute beauté! Dommage pour ta jupe si patiente….
    Agréable mercredi.

  7. boitamalix says:

    jolie le mannequin, :)

  8. red de rOuge says:

    Opération destockage réussie, ce manteau est magnifique!

  9. isartzazoune says:

    il est superbe c est en plus ma couleur fetiche ce fushia hot …tres beau

  10. chantal56 says:

    Joli travail !!elle n’a pas fini de demander à sa maman de lui faire des merveilles !! elle te garde à l’entrainement !!

  11. celine says:

    j’adore trop beaux , la couleur magnifique , ta puce aussi qu est ce quelle grandit , sa passe vite !!!

  12. horoscope says:

    Félicitations pour le contenu de votre blog, qui au demeurant est très intéressant à consulter, continuez, bravo.

  13. Noisettine says:

    Il est difficile pour Cosette d’avoir une maman si talentueuse afin de satisfaire ses désirs.
    Très joli manteau (roooooooooooooose !)

  14. Kallie says:

    C’est Penny qui doit être folle de jalousie maintenant! Il est ravissant!

  15. Roxane says:

    Il est vraiment super beau !