A bavarian named Tom Sawyer

What a scoop, isn’t it! Tom Sawyer is from Bavaria! Indeed!

♫ “Tom Sawyer is american
the symbol of freedom
he was born on the banks of the Mississippi River
Tom Sawyer is a friend to us all” ♫
(Do not thank me, I know you like small songs that stick all day! )

So, as the song says, my little Bavarian is born in America (not quite on the banks of the Mississippi, but I do so much anachronism, that you can afford one more!) and wears a beautiful pants like Tom Sawyer !

But the real truth is that I had started my Tom Sawyer’s outfit , for … Oula … very long time!
Proof, I published the matching shirt in June (and if you’ve already read it until the end, you know that the shirt himself was waiting during  a number of months in the basket!)…. The celebration for Oktoberfest seemed be the perfect opportunity to finish this little overalls!

Copyright 2011 – Kallou

 Once again, you can applaud the feat of Kallou:  just the snaps are missing to finish this overalls … clap, clap, clap!

Let’s be forgiving, I was convinced it was necessary to resew the straps, as they seemed really tiny. But of course without taking the time to try it on my little man … Never judge a garment on a hanger! Never!

In fact, the straps are long enough, as it is a very high waist pants! So I did not have to redo my straps (they were a nightmare to sew)! Whew!

By cons, I shortened the legs of 10 centimeters, because if my son has biiig feet, he has not the stature that goes with it! (I’ll make him eat soup, I think! )

 Pattern : Oliver pants from Ottobre 6/2007 in 92 cm (legs shorten by 10 cm), caramel corduroy and handmade button by talented Christalline (if you want the same buttons, they are avalaible here, and I also buy these liberty patterned buttons)!

 These pants gave me some fears (I still don’t understand the mounting straps explanations!), but I love it! Lots of details that make it looks really nice: the placket on the side, this beautiful deck type pants with  pockets , leg straps on the back … and my son looks really gorgeous in this outfit! I LOVE it!

And as you can see on the pictures, you can do everything in these pant, even doing  acrobatics movements with dad! :)

But a Bavarian (even Tom Sawyer-izer) would be nothing without her “über schön” Bavarian’s girl! :)

They are so cute, didn’t they! :)

(Aline’s dress and apron can be find here, if you missed the “Little Pink flower!”episode :) )

Vous aimerez peut-être ces billets :

  1. mamanouck says:

    C’est sûr qu’il porte super bien la salopette mon p’tit Florinou, un brin coquinou…je suis FAAAAANNNNNN (non, non comment ça, sa marraine serait-elle aussi gaga? ;)
    Aline…so lovely, avec une couronne à fleur et du vernis à ongles!!! une vraie demoiselle ;)
    et les grands alors??? on vous voit quand en photos?
    Plein de bisous!!!

  2. manou says:

    A croquer notre Florent, la grand-mère aussi est gaga de son petit fils mais aussi de sa petite fille qui grandit à vu d’oeil et devient une vraie demoiselle avec le vernis à ongles. Est-ce-que les princesses portent du vernis à ongles, hum peut-être pas mais des robes comme maman fait OUUUUUUUUUUUUUI Bisous

  3. nathcoud says:

    très joli!
    ton petit bonhomme supporte les bretelles : tu as de la chance ;-)

  4. Tata Lou says:

    Sont trop trop choux tous les deux ! J’aime bien la photo avec le papa, qui semble un peu empêtré avec le colis qu’il porte, non ? ^^
    Aline est magnifique, et elle a réussi à avoir du vernis à ongle dis donc ! (et visiblement c’est pas sa Manée qui lui a donné, mais bien sa Mummy !! rohlalala !!! que va dire Papou ?^^)

  5. lulu says:

    Rhooo il est trop chou le pitit bavarois !!!

  6. tic@ says:

    je l’avais aussi fait, il y a deux ans, et ma fille le porte encore: je rallonge les bretelles petit à petit, il devient pantacourt, mais elle ne le quittera vraiment quand il n’y aura pas d’autre choix ;)

  7. deleuze says:

    Super cette petite salopette ,et en plus avec ces boutons qui apportent une fantaisie, le manequin est magnifique,et la grande soeur n’en parlons pas .
    Maman est une très bonne couturière .