Rudy’s Christmas surprise, the favorite reeinder of Santas!

Rudy , the favorite Reeinder of Santas, will offer a very sweet surprise for Christmas to everyone who will have gave some money for the raise for the Children of Africa!!!

Well, I didn’t say anything, but if I were you, I will fast put some money i this cause, because Rudy’s surprise is really funny!!!

And do not hesitate to share this information, on your blog, on your website, on your Facebook or your Myspace or by chatting around you, because we all have a big big heart for this poor childrens!!:D

For learning everything about this solidar action for the children of the Horn of Africa, you can read it here!!:D

See you very very soon!! :D


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  1. pintade says:

    vite, il faut que je négocie avec le père noël l’achat de patrons..; mais lequel prendre? ratafia? pablo? remi? flo? arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  2. Vir says:

    Il est mignon tout plein ce Rodolphe!
    Moi grâce au patron du manteau, j’ai déguisé ma girafe en Père Noël, et j’ai même adapté une version pyjama de père Noël pour mon petit gars! Merci Kallou!