Monday’s Etsy Pick ! #2

Second part of my Etsy Pick,  for Santa Claus’s wish list , or simply to please the eye …! This week, we’ll travel overseas and get some fresh air : I choose “Overseas winds in Winter” theme for this first Monday!

(Click click on the picture to see it larger and gets all the links for the differents products!)
And if you would like to do a “Monday’s Etsy Pick” list on your blog, tell me, and I’ll add your link selection on this post!

See you next Monday, for more cute ideas! :)

Vous aimerez peut-être ces billets :

  1. classics says:

    J’aime bien le monstre. Il est cool je trouve.

  2. Linda says:

    Wonderful collection in this lovely post!
    Thank you for sharing and for including me!

  3. Le monstre, je cherche juste le lien avec le thème… La couleur ? ^^ Jolie mosaïque quoi qu’il en soit !
    Kallou : un monstre des profondeurs!!! :)