Winter’s accessories for mischievous boy playing outside!

For a great well baby who spend the all winter without a cold (hum hum), you’ll need : a scarf and its matched hat!

And as my sweet baby boy is well adorned, he pretends to be sick at the day-care, like that, he obtains what he wants: 1 day alone with mom !! Oh, mischievous boy!! ^^

But because he is on my knees, and in great health, I made him work! Hup, hup, hup! We put the hat and the knitted scarfon, knitted with love by Manou (and I have to use a lot of tricks and treats to change his ” no, no, no ” in ” yes, yes, yes “!)!

And tadam, a small picture session to present you the last knitted goods from Manou’s  hands!! :) (the full article after the jump!)

© Copyright 2011 – Kallou 

 Pattern for the hat: Roscoff for the “Les enfants de la Droguerie Tome 3 issue, Size 2-4 years, wool Any Blatt.
For the scarf, home pattern from scrap of wool in the bucket!.

And put on my mischievous boy, it’s not too bad!  It’s increase his silly air :)

He took his doctor seringue for the picture, you never know, hum!
An accident can be happen so quick! ^^

You, mischievous boy (but I love you like that! :) )

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  1. Oh yeah ! Mais je croyais qu’il faisait 20° chez vous ??
    Kallou : c’est trèèèès variable! un matin, il fait 20° à 9h du mat, et le lendemain même heure, il ne fait plus que 2° ^^ Détraqué le temps, moi je dis!!

  2. letty says:

    il est très beau ce bonnet. c’est vrai qu’ils peuvent être super canailles nos crapouillous, mais ce côté coquin dans leurs yeux c’est tellement mignon

  3. Delphine says:

    Trop mimi ton petit zigotto !!! Moi sais pas tricotter ou juste le point de mousse et tout droit hein !!!