The princesses sleep covering with stars and mushrooms…

You didn’t know it?!

Indeed, it is the case of my princess, who grows as a bean and who is almost “naked” for winter!

I pick some scraps into my fabric collection, just to go down a little the pile, which looks like an indecent mountain… that gives a not-really-coordinated pajamas, but it is very warm and likes it … so that is the main part!!

So, here is our menu : mushrooms on blue background from Hilco (a pleasure to sew this high quality jersey !!:) ), and stars on coton velours jersey fabric. I should not forget to accessorize the whole pajamas with small knots: you are a princess up to the end!! :)
(but you will note, I managed to make the impasse on the pink, the only color which seems to exist for a 4-year-old girl’s!! ^^)

© Copyright 2011 – Kallou  

And when you put on her the pajamas and take your camera, your baby girl transformed into the truth starlet with braids!!

Oh my god, I do not have a baby anymore at the house!!

 Pattern Milla, from the du 6/2010 Ottobre issue, size 110cm, Striped Jersey campan from Hilco, et mushrooms jersey from Hilco(quality +++  :D), All the fabric are from my friend: Tyflorian

Pattern Ines,  from the du 6/2010 Ottobre issue, size 110cm, cotton velours jersey fabric from Hilco, ribbed gray jersey from Joann’s.

Fortunately, Aline still do the  clown and agrees to make kisses to his brother in front of the camera!! :)

Do not grow too fast my sweet chicks!!!

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  1. celine says:

    j’aime , très mignon !!!!

  2. nathcoud says:

    trop mignon!!!

  3. jisa says:

    Très beau!!

  4. Domitille says:

    Elle est au TOP !!!

  5. Agalix says:

    Très sympa son pyjama! Il y a longtemps que je n’étais pas passée par là, c’est incroyable comme elle grandit!

  6. agnes says:

    pas trop coordonné en effet mais c’est très pétillant.

  7. GPS says:

    Mais pourquoi se promènent-ils tout nus ?
    J’adorais leur slip à bretelles

  8. nathalie says:

    trop chouette pour dormir