The Canadian Suzie !

Suzie likes travelling, and today, she went as a gift under the Christmas tree, to seal  an amazing friendship which exceeds the oceans!

The fortunate jellyfish left to the distant Caribous’s country : Canada!! And something says to me, that she will be in a great place, cherished and loved as much as she needs!

 The first Suzie having left  for a girl just born, and accompanied with a small cosy blanket, it was necessary to make a second Suzie, blue this time. She is a little reminder of the little nickname which connects these 2 friends! A funny order to be honored for me, I like these small presents between good friends, even when they are separated by an ocean! So precious!!

Suzie will offer her a beautiful ballet, on the song of the “Beautiful blue Danube”, and its small mischievous smile, will be great! Who said that jellyfishes were not attractive or kind??! Not me, in any case!! :)

© Copyright 2011 – Kallou  

Suzie likes travelling, because in fact, this one is my third one, the second on is getting ready in secret for the big show!! But chuuuut! I didn’t said anything to you!! ^^

 Pattern Suzie by Kallou, that you can find in my second book wich release is for April 2012, Bright blue cotton Velours, blue organza ribbon, bow in pink liberty fabric.

And Hurray for the friendship with a big F !! :D

Vous aimerez peut-être ces billets :

  1. Domitille says:

    Qu’apprends-je ? Suzie sera dans ton nouveau livre ? CHOUETTE !!!
    (J’aime bien Suzie !! Quoi ? Je les aime tous ? Ben oui et alors ??…)

    Et quand est-ce que tu nous montres ce cher Rody en entier ???
    Kallou : bientôt bientôt!! Il se fait tout beau!! :D

  2. mamanouck says:

    So cute!!! j’avais adoré la première et la seconde est tout aussi mimi!!!

  3. Susanna says:

    Ho elle m’a bien fait sourire !!! Je doit être sa cousine germaine car je suis “Susanna du Canada” … hahaha … bisous du canada

  4. Vanessa says:

    Ah tu as enfin dévoilé un peu du mystère!! C’est trop loin avril, l’attente va être longue! En attendant on fait de la place pour accueillir Rody, Suzie et Cie et puis on remplit le stock de tissus comme ça on gagne du temps!

  5. noisettine says:

    sympa comme tout, Suzie !