(Français) Le petit bonnet à torsades avec son pompon!

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  1. mariekafer says:

    Magnifique ce bonnet j’adore BRAVO!!!
    je prends note BISESSSSSS et MERCI!

(Français) La citrouille ne fait pas le printemps (ni l’automne!)

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  1. fifi says:

    Voilà une très jolie utilisation de la laine :)
    Les citrouilles sont magnifique

  2. lou says:

    Super sympa ces cucurbitacées!! c’est une belle dinette que tu prépares là…

  3. agnès says:

    Superbes ces citrouilles, une superbe dinette en perspective!

Knitted veggies … strawberries and cauliflower

Some of you have correctly guessed the next type of veggie that I was going to knit: strawberries! Also, some of you told me that the cauliflower pattern in the Marie-claire-Idées magazine was very cute… so I made it too!

© Copyright 2009 – Kallou

At the begining, I wanted to knit several cauliflowers … but they are very long to make (almost ten sewing steps, and I hate doing these tedious assembly steps!)!!
The strawberries are a lot easier and quicker to make! No sewing steps! That’s very cool!

My cat Sakapusse loves the strawberries!! …and if I did not fill them with catnip! ^^


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Short rows cardigan by la Droguerie…#2

Remember, few weeks ago I started my to knit my “Gilet à Rangs Raccourcis,” which means “short rows cardigan”. The pattern is by La Droguerie.
I almost finish it 3 weeks ago!!  But it always takes me forever to do the last assembly steps … I really hate to do that! hoppefully there was only 5 strings to hide, otherwise it would probably still be left unfinished in my knitting bag.
Anyway, now it’s done! I even made a special feathery flower pin for it!

© Copyright 2009 – Kallou

You see, I even took some pitcure of myself wearing it (notice the little hand of my daughter on the right picture!!).
At the same time, I also took some pictures of the litlle cable-knit top!


Personaly, I like to wear it with a high waisted pant, to hide the lovely marks left by my second kid Florent, but if you have a lovely belly, it’s very cute with low waisted pants too !! :D

  1. sylvie says:

    c’est très joli!! j’aime beaucoup!!

  2. Frogginette says:

    Ah, je suis contente de voir ton Trico’Treize porté!! Il te va super bien! et bravo pour ton GRR aussi!

  3. O. says:

    C’est clair, ça te va super bien, j’adore !
    Et t’as retrouvé une jolie ligne aussi ;-)

  4. Léokadie says:

    c’est toi sur les photos ???? t’es toute mignone !!! et en effet, on voit bien une petite main qui dépasse !!!!
    mais pourquoi c’est tout en anglais ?????