Remi’s bed !

What a bad blogger I am doing now! 2 posts in 15 days, Shame on me!

It must be said that in the other side of the screen, I am damn busy! But still!

Today, I show you the result of a baaaad blackmail during the weekend: “You gonna take a nap Aline, and if you sleep well, you’ll get a surprise!” ! We do what we can to obtain a micro-half-hour nap, isn’t it! I know, blackmail is not pretty! :D

You will tell me, half an hour to make a small wooden bed and a mattress + blancket + a small pillow =  you’re a wonder seamstress, Kallou!

Well, actually Aline has a micro-nap, but after she played in her room quietly for an additional hour, allowing me to finish the object of my blackmail!

© Copyright 2011 – Kallou

I ordered for a while to Spoonflower a small piece of fabric representing an envelope in order to sew a little pillow for Remi, and a small frieze to decorate my Ratafia’s fabric and make a small quilt!

I remind you that was Aline himself that made me order a bed for Remi, and what Princess wants, Princess gets (especially when it crosses the desires of her mother, actually :D ) !

You will notice that the Capt’ain Moustache is paying much attention to the little Remi! I think it’s a real Chamallow’s heart , when it comes to baby, this Capt’ain! Do not tell that to Ratafia, otherwise I’ll have a second complaint from the AAP (Association of the Angry Plush )…. I already have a handrail on the pretext that some plush get more cute stuff than others: it appears that Remi is to MUCH spoiled!

And I must admit, they aren’t that wrong! :)

They have evil spirit! They say that Remi did not need the blancket, as he has already a gro-bag! They even tried to take it, but they collided with Capt’ain! And they don’t try again, they’re to afraid of the Cap’tain, even while he is like a marshmallow with her babies!

Aline loved his little bed!
Now she looks forward to his next nap, to have a hat for Remi, a dad and a mom for Remi!

Damned …. sometimes blackmail turns against you, it seems! :D

Vous aimerez peut-être ces billets :

  1. Ptdr!
    L’art et la manière de se faire avoir :)
    Bien chanceuse cette demoiselle.
    Ici les miens pourrait faire grève je produit pas grand chose…

  2. Mary says:

    Chez Toi le chantage produit de bien jolis résultats. Faudrait peut-être que je m’y mette pour voir si ça marche chez moi aussi . C’est peut-être parce que je me retiens d’en faire que je n’ai pas de talent… Y aurait-il un lien de cause à effet ? Ça vaut peut-être le coup d’essayer !

  3. chrysalis says:

    C’est vrai qu’il est gâté, ce petit Rémi! Et le coup de la princesse qui passe ses commandes à maman, je connais aussi…

  4. fred says:

    tu as pensé a préparé aussi un autre lit 2 places parce que pour la sieste ça ne gène pas, mais pour la nuit papa rémi et maman rémi vont dormir tous les deux. Bravo beau travail !

  5. palaluna says:

    ton histoire donne le sourire (le com’ de Fred aussi ) mais franchement Rémi et sa turbulette c’est énorme il est trop chou j’adore… pour info je suis arrivée à faire le daruma je suis trop fière merci mille fois kallou pour le patron et ton initiative et continue de nous inonder de douceur….^o^

  6. celine says:

    super lit , j adore le coussin !!!