As a certain magnetism in the air …

… of course! I just finished to draw 8 new magnets designs ( or pin button or mirror, but I should admit that I really enjoy magnets! ) to put everywhere in the house : on your fridge, magnetic board etc…!

A serie that will be coordinated with the next Mugs arrival in the shop!

Airplane, princess, cute chef, crafter, robot maker and other cars, there’s something for everyone!

© Copyright 2011 – Kallou

You have the right to do as the little girl at the Maker Faire: she come back 6 times to my booth to make even more magnets!
I think I had a very big fan! It was so cute! :)

And if you start, like her, a kallou’s magnets collection, it is the good time to start because to celebrate the return of the magnets in the shop, I make a little surprise for the summer:

Let’s go in the shop!!! :)

PS : and my little interns have done a good job, they have prepared two new colors for Ratafia’s pants! So great, don’t you think!?!

Vous aimerez peut-être ces billets :

  1. Virginie says:

    J’attends les mugs avec impatience!
    Je me suis offert un avant gout avec 3 aimants, pour commencer…
    Kallou : j’essaye de les mettre en ligne dans le courant de la semaine prochaine!! :) merci beaucoup pour ta commande!!!

  2. agnes says:

    toujours des bonnes nouvelles, j’aime!

  3. pintade says:

    moi aussi j’attends les mugs avec grande impatience!

  4. celine says:

    ils sont aussi mignon que les autre !!

  5. mes préférés aussi les aimants!!

  6. Mary says:

    C’est bien tentant…