Pirate’s softbook to learn to count with fun!

1 ship, 2 pirates, 3 submarines …It is so much easier to learn to count with pirates!!

Here is my second surprise project on which I worked lately : a small textile book for toddlers!

This project is also for the beginners as the confirmed , which want to make an homemade birth gift in 5 minutes!! :-)

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© Copyright 2012 – Kallou 

 And as you can see on this prototypen, Kallou also need to learn to count!! ^^

I reassure you, on the version you can bought in kit at Aurore’s shop, the error was corrected and baby will not learn stupid thing as Rémi the mouse!

This second project is perfect for me, who always forget everything, including making in advance some birth gift!  hop, 5 minutes of sewing and about ten straight stitches later = 1 nicely homemade birth gift!

Everyone can sew this little softbook very easily, and the result is pretty cute : why not trying this!! :)

See you soon for the other surprises!

PS : The kit for the softbook can be bought in Design by me’s shop , here, with other pirate’s stuff!
The sewing kit and the pattern for the mouse called Rémi are available here , in my shop! :)

Vous aimerez peut-être ces billets :

  1. mamanouck says:

    Bravo bravo bravo!!! cette gamme est géniale:D

  2. Violaine says:

    quelle était cette bêtise ??

  3. Maman Doudou says:

    Très joli! Encore une foi bravo!

  4. Emimy says:

    quel magnifique petit livre !!!

  5. Aurele says:

    C’est une belle trouvaille que ces impressions de tes dessins sur tissu, le résultat est toujours aussi joli, coloré, et harmonieux! Ma préférence reste à la magnifique couverture!!

  6. pintade54 says:

    c’est vraiment super sympa! dire que j’en ai commencé un il y a… 2 ans, il est encore à l’état de morceaux de tissus!

  7. C’est vexant, je cherche la bêtise, moi maintenant, et tu ne l’as pas mise en photo, crapouille !

  8. Joelle says:

    C’est vraiment pratique des livres en tissu….s’ils sont sales, on les met à laver et le tour est joué! Surtout quand les enfants sont petits, ils mettent tout en bouche. Bravo!

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